a little about Scale Creations

Hi, my name is Brian, and I'm the owner of Scale Creations. We specialize in laser cut structure kits and detail parts for model railroading. I started thinking about starting my own business in late 2008 after I got laid off from my job as a Network Engineer.

Scale Creations was born out of total frustration with the quality of a kit that I had purchased for my HO scale layout. I really liked the design of the structure and I thought it would be a perfect addition to a bare spot on my layout. I noticed first that the kit was made from resin castings. I've worked with resin castings for many years and done right, it's a great material to work with. But the walls that came with my kit were all different widths. I started piecing the building together temporarily just to see how much I would need to sand down the walls to get everything to fit together correctly. For example, one wall needed to be 1/16 of an inch thick to fit with the adjoining wall, it was over 1/4 of an inch thick. I contacted the company that manufactured the kit and after several emails went back and forth, I decided that it would take way too much sanding and filing to get it together. And it would never live up to my standards.

To make a long story short, the kit is still sitting in the box unassembled. $70 for a "Craftsman Level Kit" that was anything but. I've been involved in model railroading since I was 13, and have been building models even longer, and this was the first time that I just put everything back in the box and gave up.

After this, I spent the next several months getting my business off of the ground. Once I got my laser machine, I started off drawing up designs of some of the buildings that I've scratchbuilt over the years, and some of the detail parts that all model railroad layouts need, like pallets, crates, ladders, etc.

I purchased many laser cut kits and parts from other companies over the years, and one thing that has always bothered me about them is how flat everything is, and having to deal with tiny pieces of stripwood to make it look a little more realistic. Take a look at a wooden privacy fence or a picket fence, it's not a flat shape. It has depth to it. So with some experimenting, we figured out how to use the laser to represent the depth that everyday items have. I feel that because of that attention to detail, and taking more time to design and produce my items, that Scale Creations' products are much more realistic than any thing else on the market today.

Take a look through our items and we know you'll agree.