Scale Creations' Structure Kits


I personally design each of the craftsman kits that Scale Creations produces to the highest level of realism that I can obtain. I stay as true as possible to the original structure in regards to the dimensions and the feel of the building. Many railroad buildings in the US are works of art themselves, and I try to capture the beauty and the craftmanship of the original structure. I refuse to use stock plastic windows and other features of the building. Every window, trim piece or any other detail is designed for that craftsman kit. During the design process, I cut each part as many times a necessary to keep the tolerances to within a few thousandths of an inch. Once I'm satisfied that the design is a true representation of the original building, and I'm sure that everything fits right, I cut all of the parts again, and begin the assembly, writing the instructions as I go. As I proceed through the assembly, I take photographs of the assemble to assist the modeler .

Franklin's Foundry